Our association has been working to increase participation and regulate the industry since 2012. We work with people of all settings – from students through to instructors, and parents through to schools – to help make martial arts more accessible, fun, safe and better regulated.


What We Do

We promote participation

We know first hand the life-changing benefits martial arts can bring. From health and fitness, through to better life habits, healthier life styles, self protection skills and more – martial arts offer one of the most broadly positive experiences for sports, recreation and fitness.

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We work with instructors

We’ve worked with instructors and clubs from more than 250+ disciplines and styles for more than half a decade, providing insurance, licensing, resources and other essential tools to help clubs grow, run safe classes and be more professional.

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We set and regulate standards

Martial Arts is still largely without any unified guidelines or regulatory standards, and we’re working hard to change that. We work with the martial arts community to build solid regulatory guidance and maintain standards of conduct amongst all clubs and instructors.

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We champion self-protection

Nobody should be the victim of a violent crime, yet unfortunately this isn’t the case. We work hard to champion the life-affirming benefits that self protection (self defence) skills can bring to people of all ages, backgrounds and genders. Together with our instructors, we’re helping more people learn life saving self defence skills and awareness.

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We research & build records

There’s still no single figure on how many people are involved in martial arts, nor is there a professional register for those qualified to teach. We’re changing that by conducting detailed national research into martial arts, and by building a checkable and fully functional national database for instructors and professionals in the industry.

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We develop martial arts

Martial arts have survived millenniums of war, change and culture. We want to work to preserve these age-defying qualities, and the many lineages and histories associated with thousands of years of martial arts from around the world.

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