Everybody Has The
Right To Be Safe.

Since 2012 The BMABA Has Helped Thousands Of Adults & Children Learn Self Defence Skills

W e are faced with uncertain times.

Whilst we’re confident there is good in all people, as an organisation we are staunch believers that everybody, from every community, of all ages, backgrounds, incomes, genders, beliefs, sexualities and identities should have equal and affordable access to practical self defence and personal protection training.

Learning to defend yourself is about much more than just learning to physically fight off an attacker. That’s self protection – and it is important. Equally as important is personal protection awareness in helping us understand how to assess risks and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

We believe these skills should be taught to all children in the United Kingdom as part of the School Curriculum, and that all persons should have the opportunity to learn safe, effective, fun martial arts that contributes real self defence skills.

I started martial arts more for the sporting element, but quickly found my confidence growing. I love feeling safe – and understand more so than ever than just because I practice martial arts I’m far from invincible. I largely understand how to avoid risky places more than before, and if worst came to happen, believe I’m better equipped than I would be without martial arts training to physically defend myself from harm.

Julie Christie. My.BMABA Community Member


What we believe;

  • Everybody has the right to feel safe and be safe – physically and emotionally

  • That the emphasis on helping people learn to take responsibility for their personal safety and minimise risks is missed by the greater public and media

  • That martial arts of all disciplines has the ability to empower people to be better equipped to deal with physically frightening and violent situations, and to make people more aware of potentially dangerous situations as they arise

  • That everybody, regardless of background, income, gender, sexuality, belief, nationality, creed, education, community or any other factor has the right to learn to defend themselves, and the right to apply that should their life be in danger

  • That we can help improve everyone’s self protection awareness and self defence abilities through fun, structured, effective, professional martial arts and self defence classes

  • That we as an organisation can help students find our instructors and clubs, and in turn help them provide those students with genuinely positive, life-affirming self defence skills

“It’s About So Much More Than Just Learning To Throw A Punch”

My name is Giovanni, and I’m the founding Director of the BMABA. As an instructor prior & currently to this role, I’ve seen the difference learning practical martial arts has to offer. It’s not just about physically learning what to do should someone physically attack you. It’s about building your character, learning to hold yourself with confidence, identify risks before they occur and manage situations with informed confidence.

Whether you’re 14 or 64 – male or female – rich or poor – it doesn’t matter. There are hundreds of martial arts out there to cater for all tastes, interests and levels of physicality. Each one has the ability to help you get fit, have fun, meet new people, learn something new, improve your confidence and potentially save your life. No many clubs can offer that.

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Traditional Or Modern.

Casual Or Strict.

Sport Or Discipline.

There’s A Martial Art Out There For Everyone.

Unfortunately martial arts has been given somewhat of a misleading name via the media and movies in the last few decades. We’ve got ourselves to blame, as very few organisations address the core issues at play.

Let’s be clear – martial arts does NOT involve standing on one leg humming, NOR does it have to involve climbing into the ring and exchanging blows. There are literally hundreds of different types of martial arts out there to try.

Some involve Gi’s and uniforms and are more traditional, generally incorporating a combination of kicks and punches. Some are more casual and focused on fast blows with elbows and knees. Other specialist in just throws and locks.

Some have been used by Ninjas, others by armies for generations. Some are gentle and fluid – others are crushing and powerful. There’s so much choice and there’s an instructor and club to suit everyone’s preferences.

Find Your Perfect Style Of Martial Art

Are you an instructor or club?

Our association offers leading martial arts organisation membership to UK clubs and instructors. We can help with all matters relating to running your club, getting insured, safeguarding members and making sure all the right checks are place.

We can also help with other things – like grading certificates, a free club website, syllabus licensing, instructor documentation and so much more.

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Self Defence Isn’t A Laughing Matter

We take the opportunity we’re given to help more people learn self defence very seriously. Whether you’re looking to learn self protection skills, or whether you’re a parent, school or council, see how we can help.

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