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James Swallow-Gaunt

Senior Committee Member & Senior Development Officer

James is passionate in creating opportunities for children , young people and adults. He runs an inclusive sports coaching and education training provider. He is an experienced community master Fencing coach who is well respected for his development work within the sport.

His passion for martial arts grow whilst he was at school. He looked for a way of defending himself and tried Karate and Judo. He struggled with these martial arts. In later years he practiced Aikido right up to Joining the Army.

After leaving the Forces James carried on his training and he qualified as Self defence Instructor. He has developed a unique self defence system that is easy to use and quick to apply.This system is now delivered in schools and the Girl Guides and Scouts of South Yorkshire.

James has trained Police Officers, health Workers ,  Probation Officers , Doctors and Care workers in his self defence system. In 2016 his system Senshi No Ken Budo { Warrior Fist martial arts} was endorsed by BMBA and ICMAU he has also had 2 manuals published.

He was looking to be registered as an Expert Witness and consultant with Thomas Reuters  in the use of force and conflict. James is impassioned about creating an Inclusive and Safe Martial arts network. In his role he is driven to bring his experience to bear.

James’ Story…

“I started my martial arts voyage in the mid 1980s. I took up Karate and Fencing whilst at school. I loved Fencing anX to to the art straight away however I struggled with Karate. I wanted a martial art that acted as an effective self defence. I tried Judo which again I found the fact I was using strength against strength I didn’t enjoy it. Finally on the recommendation of a teacher I found d Aikido which I practiced right up to 1990 when I Joined the Army.

In the years after leaving the Forces I researched and practiced self defence from the original WE Fairbairn system taught to world war 2 commandos to Krav Mages.As a qualified self defence Instructor and Registered Expert Witness with Thomas Reuters I decided to develop a self defence style that was simple to learn, easy to apply but Very effective.

My personal Safety System “Street Safe 4All” is now taught in schools, Girl guide & Scout Groups, Probation services,care workers , police officers and Doctors across Yorkshire.

I am committed to the safety of Children, young people and Adults no matter of ability or disability. Through my role as a professional Sports coach and educator I have created the 4 All prime which is championing Inclusive Sports. I am to do the same with my post with BMBA to make the martial arts world Safer and More inclusive.

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