Our Association Charter

Our charter is created by consensus by every member of our association. It is regularly reviewed and any member can request we take another look at our aims, to ensure they are ever-encompassing and representative of the work being done by the BMABA.

British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) Charter

It is hereby stated by the fundamental principles of the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association are as follows;

  1. To act as a national governing body to control, regulate, govern and improve martial arts, self defence and unarmed combat.
  2. To introduce and lead a level of professionalism within UK martial arts instruction, focusing on safe, ethical and professional training.
  3. To make all martial arts as accessible as possible, with the aim of increasing participation and breaking down barriers preventing individuals from taking part in martial arts or unarmed combat training.
  4. To regulate and issue licensing and certification pertaining to the instruction, development and practice of martial arts of all disciplines within the UK and, where applicable, overseas.
  5. To act as a union on behalf of the BMABA’s members, representing and protecting instructor, student and participants interests and values both in and out of training.
  6. To develop the industry, enabling clubs to grow, instructors to continue professional development and assist participants within their chosen discipline(s).
  7. To promote a culture of responsibility, good ethics and transparency within martial arts and combat instruction
  8. To introduce regulatory precedents that help improve safety and legality within martial arts and combat instruction and participation
  9. To promote equal opportunities to train, teach, compete and participate in martial arts and self defence for all persons of all ages.
  10. To offer our instructors the additional business tools required to run a legal, professional and modern martial arts business


Our association is sted fast on becoming a beacon for those wishing to train, teach and associate under an indepedent yet truly professional governing body. To find out more about us, please click here.


Instructor’s Responsibilities

Our instructors are expected to follow the below guidance, which forms part of our association charter.

  1. All instructors must ensure they are fit to teach on the basis of legal requirements, entitlement and relevant training
  2. All instructors must hold relevant DBS checks and first aid training
  3. All instructors must safeguard their members, and take steps to ensure their students are safe when under their supervision or instruction
  4. All instructors must ensure the BMABA is kept aware of any adverse events, conflicts of interest or complaints
  5. All instructors must do all possible to protect the integrity of the association, to enable other members and participants to continue training under a respected organisation
  6. All instructors must act in a way that is befitting to any professional instructor or coach, teaching and interacting with respect, integrity and honesty at all times
  7. All instructors must treat their students and members of the public with respect, adhering to our association guidelines and equal opportunities statement.
  8. All instructors must remain relevantly qualified, certified and insured to teach.

Student’s Responsibilities

Student’s of the BMABA are expected to follow the below guidance;

  1. All students must treat their instructors with respect and courtesy
  2. All students should remain transparent and honest about their intentions and training
  3. All students must do all possible to prevent injury or loss to themselves and their fellow members
  4. All students must report without delay any conduct by a fellow student or instructor that is unsafe or that may deem a safeguarding risk to any person or persons
  5. All students must treat fellow members with respect and courtesy, promoting and protecting equal opportunities both in and out of training.

Committee’s & Officers Responsibilities

We hold our committee members, officers and management to be accountable within the Association charter as follows;

  1. All committee members, officers and management must act in a way that is professional, ethical and honest at all times, promoting the values of the association
  2. All committee members, officers and management must ensure they do not introduce a conflict of interest to the association
  3. All committee members, officers and management must ensure they act as ‘politics free’ in respect of operations as is humanly possible, ensuring our association ethics are adhered to at all times
  4. All committee members, officers and management must treat all persons, members and instructors with respect and in accordance with our equal opportunities statement.
  5. All committee members, officers and management must do all possible to safeguard and protect the association’s members
  6. All committee members, officers and management must treat all information, business, members and correspondence in the utmost confidence, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all whom interact with us
  7. All committee members, officers and management must continue to promote the participation and development of UK martial arts