Switching Associations & Joining The BMABA

Find out how we can help you switch everything to our association without fuss, politics or delay

  • We understand that alot of instructors and clubs are loyal to their association – that’s great. Unfortunatly there comes a point where sometimes you feel a change of direction might really help your club progress. We’re here to help.

    Switching associations can be a bit daunting, especially if you’ve been with your current body for many years, and learnt how to run your club in line with their guidelines and requirements.

    As a politics free, indepedent martial arts association representing the interests of hundreds of clubs and thousands of members across the UK, we’ve learnt a thing or two about helping clubs ‘off-load’ from their current body and ‘on-board’ with our NGB with as little confusion, fuss or down time as possible.

    What’s more, we’re on hand to help you along every step of the way.
  • BMABA Membership Certificate

  • Not sure if we’re right for you & your club?

    Neither are we. Rather than give you some advertising nonsense about how we’re absolutely the right choice for you, we’re quite happy to recognise that every club is unique, and that your motivations for changing NGBs, or the requirements from your new body might not fit.

    We won’t pretend to understand exactly why you’re moving without speaking with you first – but we will listen and learn. If you’ve got a complex, unique or specific requirement and aren’t sure if we’re up to scratch please contact our team and have a discussion with us. Whilst we’re confident we can offer something of value to most clubs, we won’t try and sell ourselves to you.

    We prefer to let our association reputation and membership packages do the talking, and let you make a fair, informed decision when you’re ready.

Exceptional Certification & Licensing


BMABA Instructor LicensingOne area our association has always stacked up is our martial arts instructor certification and licensing. We can offer club licensing, individual instructor certificates and a range of other essential documentation to help you show you’ve done your homework, studied hard and run a professional establishment.



Martial Arts Instructor InsuranceWhether you want instructor insurance, DBS checks, discounted first aid training or insurance for your students, the BMABA has the tools to help you and your club get ahead.




  • Have The Conversation About How We Can Help Your Club Grow

    You’ve got nothing to lose.

    Whether you’re fed up with your current organisation’s politics and controlling nature, or need something new and exciting to help your club grow, it doesn’t cost anything to get in touch, ask questions and find out more about joining one of the UK’s leading martial arts associations. All contact is completely confidential.

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