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Some Our Most Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Our questions and answers are based upon most of the more common (and sometimes less common) questions we’ve been asked over the last 4+ years of representing UK martial arts instructors and clubs.

There’s no such thing as a silly question, so if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for below please do get in touch and we will gladly assist, although please take a moment to look through the below questions properly first to save both you & our office a bit of time!

How much does it cost to join the BMABA?
The cost of membership will depend on the level of features you require, and any insurance (if applicable). The best way to find out more about the cost of joining is to visit our sign up page here and see the different pricing and membership options available.
Can my club be independent & can I run it my own way?

Yes, absolutely. When you join the BMABA you’re voluntarily acting under the governance of our organisation, but that’s not designed to hold you back. We don’t tell you what you should teach or how you should do it – just how to run your club in a safe, fair, professional way, which we feel is integral to being a good instructor.

We don’t want to restrict what you do – instead we issue guidance on best practice and running a safe class, rather than focusing on the actual content taught within your class.

Do you provide instructor insurance?
Yes, the BMABA can provide instructor insurance for more than 150+ disciplines and style. Click here for more information.
How do I know if my qualification or grade is worth the paper it's printed on at the moment?
The quality of any grade or document issued to you will depend on the calibre and reputation of the organisation or club issuing it to you. If you’d like to find out more about why BMABA certification is considered to be some of the best in the industry, please click here.

If you’re wondering if your current documentation is worthwhile, it’s going to depend on the integrity of the issuing organisation and any verifiable methods of checking – such as serial numbers or QR codes. If you’ve paid a fee and been issued documentation without any further tests, examinations or proof of grades then we don’t feel it’s worth a great deal. If it’s earned through genuine hard work and training then it most likely is. If you’re curious about how we might value a certain organisation’s certification, the best thing you can do is get in touch and ask – we’ll happily offer you a steer.

How can you legally sell instructor insurance?
We don’t sell instructor insurance, we provide it with membership via our group cover policy. The two are very different and you should be clear on why this matters. You can find out more from our blog or our instructor insurance section.
How much does BMABA student insurance / membership cost?
Student membership starts from just £4 per student, per year with a huge array of features and benefits. Find out more.
If I join, can I grade my own students & if so to what level?
We offer guidance on grading your students, but yes – you’re generally free to grade your students to any grade, provided it is one grade below your own. So, if you’re a 1st Dan, you can grade to 1st Kyu (or equivalent). If you’re a second dan, you can grade to 1st and so on.
If I'm a member can I use BMABA logos on our literature & adverts etc?
Subject to our terms and conditions, paying members may freely use our logos on literature, websites and adverts etc. We have a professionally designed selection of logos for you to use, too.
Can I use the BMABA logo on literature, kit, websites etc?
Yes, provided you’re a paying member. Find out more above.
Do you need to see proof of grade for every applicant?
Yes, every applicant joining, regardless of location, background, age or discipline will need to provide proof of grade before their membership will go live.
I practice an ungraded style - can I still join?
Yes, please click here to read about our guidelines for ungraded styles.
Why do I need to be a member of an association?
There are lots of good reasons to join a UK martial arts association – the opportunity to be supported by a national governing body, access to insurance and licensing, the opportunity to network with fellow members. Find out why we think you might benefit from joining the BMABA.
I want to call someone to discuss my question / issue?
Find out more about calling our office, and book a phone call from here.
Can I remain part of another association and join the BMABA?
Yes, absolutely. We’re politics free, so we welcome members who are already with other associations.
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