How We’re Funded

We’re proud to be truly independent, politics free and focused on offering our members the ability to be able to continue running their club on their terms, within a professional, credible framework.

Accordingly, we feel it’s important we’re both open and honest on how we’re funded and what fees are spent on.
As far as we’re aware, we’re the first martial arts association in the UK to openly publish our funding mechanisms. We don’t think you should be misled about our motivations and we wish to give our members every opportunity to better understand our commercial and ethical decisions.
We receive NO funding whatsoever from any charitable organisations, government bodies, Sport England or any other councils or authorities. All of our income is self-generated in it’s entirety.

This means we’re not bound by our funding sources to change the way we feel it’s ethically or justifiably right to do business, which means we’re truly indepedent and free of politics.


How We’re Funded

We receive no funding what so ever from any public, government or private organisations. At present, all of our income is entirely self-generated through the trade of our organisation. Our income sources are roughly set as follows;

Funding Breakdown


A majority of our income is achieved through new student members being registered with our organisation, and new clubs joining. The income generated through renewals is misrepresented by the above chart as we’re growing faster and faster year to year – meaning we’re gaining new members faster than our current members are renewing.

All of our income is generated through the regular activities our association trades with.

Instructor insurance income is not represented on the above chart as these figures are based on 2015-16 figures, before our instructor insurance became widely available. We would expect this to account for a small level of profit but a large level of turnover.

How We Spend

Our association doesn’t have any shareholders or investors. All of our operations were indepedent set up and funded by the now Director, and we’re completely debt free. This means we’re secure and financially sound in our forward operations.

Our outgoings are spread largely on the type of exposures you would anticipate. Association insurance provisions, alongside stock and stationary type supplies make up the greatest source of our spending. In addition our payment gateway handling fees and I.T / Communications expenses are considerable.

Spending Breakdown

Any wages or drawings from the profits on top of our ‘running costs’ aren’t taken into account here. The above represents the distribution of pre-profit running costs. Accordingly, the proportion of HMRC contributions or ‘taxes’ isn’t representative as any drawings are always declared to HMRC under the individual’s personal income – not the association’s income.
The above was analysed prior to our instructor insurance policy becoming available in July 2016. Accordingly, we would anticipate the cost of the insurances as specified above to have increased considerably for 2016-17.

We’re very proud to be indepedent, debt free and open on our finances. It helps our members better understand our current, healthy financial position. We also feel it helps potential and current members make an informed decision about whether or not we can be trusted with their precious club and business.

Join the first UK martial arts association to openly publish breakdowns of income and expenditure.

We’re transparent, indepedent and politics free.

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