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The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association



Our team dedicates hours upon hours every week to drive our Association forwards. 

Nobody on the committee receives a penny in wages for their hard work and instead all time is volunteered selflessly around current family commitments and working routines. Our volunteers now head-up one of the UK’s leading bodies without politics, payments, red tape or nonsense; all for the love of what they do. How many governing bodies in the UK in our industry can claim that?

On behalf of the thousands upon thousands of members, students, instructors & followers of the BMABA from around the world – a massive thank you to the below for their continued dedication. Their commitment is a shining example of our industry at it’s best and the below named constitute some of the greatest minds & figures in the 21st Century UK Martial Arts Industry and profession.

We’re currently recruiting new volunteers to join our committee board. It’s a great privilege to be able to take part in the behind-the-scenes work of one of the UK’s leading martial arts organisations. Getting yourself on the board isn’t about who you know – it’s about the qualities you can bring to the table.

Applications can be placed by members only, so if you’d like to get involved, please join us online.

Meet The Team

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    Giovanni Soffietto

    Founder & Managing Director

    • 16+ Years Experience In Martial Arts & Boxing
    • Instructs Shotokan Karate, Self Protection & Jujitsu
    • Founder Of The BMABA In 2012

    “My name is Giovanni Soffietto and I’m the founding Director of the BMABA. I’ve been a passionate advocate of martial arts my entire life, starting my career & passion for the arts in my early childhood.”

    I have experience in a range of styles covering 6 disciplines, and am both familiar with ungraded styles such as Muay Thai / MMA, alongside the more ‘traditional’, such as Shotokan.

    In my personal life I’m a specialist credit insurance broker and part-time martial arts instructor. I founded the BMABA in 2011/2012 to form a collective body of like-minded individuals whom wish to pull the standard of UK martial arts up and preserve the beautiful arts we all know and love.

    I’ve been teaching for more than 8 years and also competed in a few competitions over a 4 year period. Martial Arts, Boxing & Self Defence is a lifetimes passion of mine and I’m very proud to be a part of a body of really fantastic martial artists & boxers. This Association is not my own – it’s ours, as an industry and a community. I’m very pleased to share it with everybody who can call the BMABA home and help us improve what we do on a daily basis to protect our beautiful sports, arts and disciplines for the future.

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    Kirsty Hawkins

    Association Secretary

    • BA First Class Honours Degree In Marketing
    • BMABA Secretary Since 2012
    • Manages Licensing & Dispatches

    Kirsty has been an integral part of the team since it’s earliest origins in 2012. Officially standing as the Association Secretary Kirsty’s role has developed into that of general management, assisting in the management and dispatch of licensing, certification & resources to members.

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    Darren Langston

    Senior Committee Member

    • Over 25 Years Experience
    • Teaches Kickboxing, Karate Jutsu, Freestyle Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing, Dacayana Eskrima & Jeet Kune Do
    • Langston Martial Arts Academy Chief Instructor

    “My name is Darren Langston and I run a Martial Arts Academy in the Wolverhampton area of the West Midlands. I teach Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing, Karate Jutsu, Freestyle Kung Fu and Dacayana Eskrima. I have been studying Martial Arts for over 25 years.”

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    Craig Sanderson

    Senior Committee Member
    • Instructs Shotokan Karate & Karate-Jutsu
    • 16+ Years Experience
    • Chief Instructor Of Karate Defence

    “I have studied martial arts since I was five years old and it has undoubtedly contributed to the confident, autonomous individual that I am today. I have studied Shotokan Karate-Do for 20 years accompanied by Karate-Jutsu throughout this process. This is complimented by 2 years mixed martial arts training utilising both weapons and empty hand.”

    The greatest gift to me as a martial artist is to teach others and to see them develop as individuals along their martial arts journey. It is my objective to provide as much support and training for all of my students to help them develop a peaceful demeanour and excel in physical and mental fitness. I aim to use martial arts as a tool to help each student develop their best possible future self.

    I am a dedicated Martial Artist and I am extremely honored to be part of the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association Committee.

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