Sponsor A Leading Organisation

We might look like a massive, money rich organisation but that’s not the case. We’re run by dedicated people who give up their own personal time – often without any financial reward – to  run a truly unique and different organisation.

The financial challenges we face are immeasurable. 

Because of the ethical way we try and do business, and our values on introducing only the best safeguarding measures for our members and clubs, we end up footing huge bills in both technology related departments (for our websites and communications) and in our insurance / regulatory departments too.

As a growing organisation we are in direct and in-direct contact with tens of thousands of martial artists, boxers and combat enthusiasts every year. Our website handles tens of thousands of visitors, as does our member’s area.

What’s more, as we grow our network sites (including MaritalHost, MartialPrint, Network Martial Arts, Flying Kick Websites, British Martial Arts and more) all continue to attract thousands of additional visitors to the BMABA.

We’d love to invite you to help us continue doing the right work, and gain some incredible exposure at the same time.

For a very small sponsorship contribution we’re able to offer you a substantial amount of exposure across all of our network – and in print – when we advertise to 30,000+ readers in national magazines or internal publications.

We’re not asking for tens of thousands or un-reasonably commercial gestures. Our idea on sponsorship is to help us lift some financial barriers we sometimes face, and be able to provide more services and resources to our members on a shorter-time frame.

What you get in return for sponsorship is the opportunity to have your name, logo, link, website or product placed in dozens of places across the main website, member’s area and student website, plus our directory too. You’ll also appear on our hosting site, printing site, network martial arts, british martial arts directory and loads more places.

We can also arrange to have your image / logo and link in footers of e-mails, in national publications or advertorials, and just about anywhere else where you can benefit from our tens of thousands of visitors and members – including on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google+.

We welcome annual, quarterly or monthly contributions, and look to ideally form a partnership lasting atleast 12 months.

Our minimum contribution requirement for sponsorship is just £150 per month, which makes it much more affordable than alot of advertising avenues – with more exposure too. What’s more, you’ll be supporting an organisation that promotes professional standards of martial arts instruction and enables more people to access safe, effective martial arts training.

The more you’d like to sponsor us by each month, the more exposure we can offer in return. If you’re interested in discussing further, we’d love to invite you to have a casual, friendly chat with our director about how we can help you gain more exposure, and how your sponsorship might help us move forwards.

Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

  • Don't worry - we won't hold you to this but it just helps us better understand the rough amount of support you'd like to look at offering us on an annual basis.
  • Again, nothing binding - just a rough indication.
  • Please drop us a quick line here to summarise your enquiry or questions, and any thoughts you have on the process / amount etc and what you'd look for in return.