Our Role In The Industry

A Leading UK Martial Arts Governing Body

The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association’s role within the industry is as follows;

  • To provide a safe, fair and professional framework from within which clubs, coaches, instructors and professional martial artists can promote martial arts and self defence
  • To provide a means of support and guidance for all those taking part in martial arts based training
  • To develop best practice within the industry, focusing on protecting and safeguarding, as well as professional responsibilities.

As an association, or voluntary governing body (VGB) we’re here to represent any club that chooses to become a member.Whilst there are certain requirements set by law, clubs are not obliged to join us and so choose voluntarily to submit to our guidance and regulations, in order to offer a more professional and safe training structure.

The above should be viewed in conjunction with the aims and responsibilities set in our Association Charter.