The BMABA Wins Bronze In The AEA’s Sports Association Of The Year Awards

We are immensely proud to announce that the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association is now an award winning governing body, having won a prestigious Bronze at an external association’s award ceremony.

This is big news. Our first major award, and we’ve walked away with a Bronze, being beaten to the top spot by two very good (and very large, well funded) organisations – KickItOut, and The RFU’s Players Association.

What Was The Award, And What Does This Award Mean For The Association?

We were honoured to have been shortlisted back in September. To make it to the final eight for the Association Excellence Awards ‘Best Sports Association’ was a huge honour. We were considered alongside some truly renowned sports associations. We were also the only martial arts organisation to make the cut, which was a profound privilege. 


To clarify, we were shortlisted alongside;

  • Club Managers Association of Europe
  • English Lacrosse
  • Kick It Out
  • Professional Football Scouts Association
  • Surfing England
  • The Football Foundation
  • The Rugby Players’ Association

These are substantial, publicly well known sports associations who do a fantastic job. To be considered on par in terms of our achievements to date – having only been founded in 2012 (and being relatively youthful by comparison to the FA’s and RFU’s 1863 and 1871 respective founding dates) is, to us, absolutely huge.

What’s more, to have been awarded Bronze, missing out narrowly to the hugely fantastic Kick it Out program and Rugby Players’ Association, but to have surpassed English Lacrosse, Professional Football Scouts Association, Surging England, Club Manager’s Association of Europe and The Football Foundation is wonderful. These all represent quality and deserving organisations.

A key distinction the association feels is relevant is that our association is entirely self-funded. We don’t receive any public or private sponsorship or grants, nor have we ever had financial support growing to our current position.

The award represents the association’s ambitions to become a leading martial arts governing body, and given the judge’s feedback, we feel that’s exactly where we’re headed.

Very impressive entrepreneurial story…

Impressive growth trajectory maintained by providing key services to [The BMABA’s] sector, delivering practical benefits to a wide range of learners, trainers, and enthusiasts.

An impressive story and strong submission.

Excellent focus on lower levels of participation (non elite and non professional) as well as combating crime.  Great focus on standards and training.

Association Excellence Awards Judging Panel 2018.

Our Director’s, Comments;

“Being awarded bronze is a superb privilege. The association is still young (in it’s broader terms) but this award – from outside of the industry too – confirms we’re on track to become the major player we’re already known to be.

The association is – and has always been – about our members, as a collective. This award is a nod toward you – our clubs and instructors. Without you all, we’re nothing more than a brand name. From myself, and all of the team here at the BMABA, a profound thank you for being a part of something special.

If you’re thinking of joining the BMABA, a warm welcome awaits.”


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