We’re Now Member’s Of The Sport & Recreation Alliance

In light of our recent announcement that the association has become the UK’s only martial arts organisation featured in the government’s televised #knifefree campaign, we’re proud to be able to continue the positive developments with the BMABA’s membership to the Sport & Recreation Alliance.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance believes that the power of sport and recreation can change lives and bring communities together. Together with their members and in partnership with the wider sector, they make the most of opportunities and tackle the areas that provide a challenge.

The Sport & Recreation Alliance lobby government on big issues in our sector, and by the BMABA being a member of this powerful organisation it means we can represent your views on a national platform. There are hundreds of organisations registered with the SRA including British Fencing, England Boxing, Sports Coach UK, The FA & UK Athletics, to name just a very small selection.

Our membership to The Sport and Recreation Alliance signifies our on-going commitment to ensure the association is held to the highest standards, and continues to build bridges and develop it’s recognition on a national stage.






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