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Join The UK’s Leading Politics Free, Multi-Styled,
Independent Martial Arts & Combat Organisation


  • Available for BMABA members;
    • The freedom to run your club your way, with no interference
    • No politics, who’s who or un-necessary red tape
    • No compulsory student registrations or fees
    • Access to leading resources, licensing & insurance
    • Affordable and optional student insurance, licensing & support
    • A free club website & digital / marketing resources
    • Blank documents and forms
    • Student grading certificates
    • Continued Instructor Professional Development programs
    • Instructor & Club Licensing And Certification
    • Club Logo Creation & Digital Design Services
    • Equipment, Uniform & Accessories at trade prices
    • Custom clothing & item printing
    • Logos & Accreditation
    • Recognition & Grade Ratification
    • Martial arts networking & access to a growing community
    • Access to our leading member’s only area
    • BMABA Club finder listings
    • National club finder advertisements
    • The opportunity to appear in Martial Arts Illustrated
    • Risk Assessments & Procedural Assistance
    • E-Courses & online training
    • Events and tournament insurance
    • Instructor insurance recommendation & guidance
    • Student community & liaison services
    • Plus Loads More

    *Please check each membership option to make sure any required features are included.

  • The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading organisations for serious martial arts instructors, clubs, sensei’s & coaches.

    We’re politics free, multi-styled and already represent thousands of instructors from across the UK & overseas. Our superior licensing, instructor certification and martial arts insurance, alongside a multitude of services and resources (such as a free club website and student grading certificates) allows you to enjoy a comprehensive and affordable professional affiliation under just one membership.

    100% Of Surveyed Members Said They Would Recommend Our Organisation To A Fellow Instructor, Club or Sensei

    As Seen In Martial Arts Illustrated

Just Some Of Our Member’s Views…

  • Very easy to navigate website making it an even more pleasant experience along with very friendly staff and members.

    Fantastic Value for money and an association that puts its students and instructors first.

    Instructors have full autonomy over their club without any interference but with enough support to feel part of a valued and safe group.

    C. SandersonInstructor & Member
  • Our club joined the BMABA back in 2014 and we’ve seen them grow and develop without loosing a single shred of honesty, transparency or passion for what they do.

    When you have problems they’re straight ontop of it to help out – quick to respond, friendly, professional – couldn’t ask for anything else.

    I’ve been with around 4-5 bigger associations in the past and none of them even come close to touching the BMABA – I’ll never go anywhere else now as we get everything we need from them – like insurance, website stuff, kit, licensing, certificates – all from one place at a realy good deal.

    Would recommend to any martial artist or club thinking about them! You’ll never regret it…

    R. JamesInstructor & Member
  • What I love about the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association is that whether you have two or two hundred members you get the same top level of service and cover.

    All clubs and Instructors get the same opportunity’s as the next guy (which can’t be said about a lot of other associations). On joining BMABA they recognised all my existing grades and welcomed all my student over and supplied them with new student cover.

    With over 25 years in martial arts I can honestly say that this is the most supportive group that I have been a part of. Highly recommended.

    D. LangstonInstructor & Member

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The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association

The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association is one of the UK’s most respected professional organisations for senseis, coaches and instructors from more than 180 different styles of combat.