July 2016 Rebrand & Re-Structure Explained

The new, professional look for the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association

Well, we’ve finally done it. We’ve managed to roll out what is un-questionably the biggest rebranding and restructuring in our association’s history. It may well even be one of the most diverse restructuring bids of any martial arts association.

A completely new main website, member’s area, national database, instructor base, student section and more. Not only that, we’re now able to offer DBS checks, safeguarding assistance, first aid courses, more online licensing, instructor insurance, events cover, more student cover and lots more. All internally and with the usual assurances of a leading UK association.

Our restructure signifies our clear intention to remain as a leading UK name in martial arts standards, and we hope also demonstrates that, even with our old website being what many would consider to be forward thinking and modern, that we’re never happy resting on our laurels.

Let us take a moment to share with you some of the key changes;

New Logo

Our new logo encapsulates a change in our mindset. We’ve moved from our old union flag inspired design to a new, professional brand that will instill confidence on our documentation and authority.


As you’ll see from our old logo (left) and our new logo (right) it’s focused on quality and authority. The shield represents our ambition to defend the industry and the disciplines within that we love so dearly. The swords symbolise the  fight against the many cowboys and ‘micky mouse’ associations we share the industry with. The crown depicts our authority as a leading governing body, and the lions represent the varied yet fierce membership base we’re very proud to represent.


New Websites

 When we conducted our member’s survey in December 2015 a bit issue was the loading times of our member’s area and main website. A big part of the restructure for our organisation has been improving not only the quality of information available through our websites, but also the performance and loading times too.

We’ve massively upscaled our entire infrastructure to handle even more traffic and data than ever before, and everything has been created with scale-ability in mind.


New Databases

 Our re-structure isn’t just a new lick of paint. We’ve re-build all of our information systems and databases from scratch to ensure all of the new features and responsibilities we’re taking on-board can be properly managed going forwards. This includes a new National Database and new internal systems too.


New Certification

 All of our certification has changed in the light of our complete restructure. We’ve had massive success over the last 4/5 years with our old set of documents, but really felt it was time we looked a little closer at what each document does for the instructor or club, and really worked to ensure a water-tight credibility going forwards.

Below you’ll see an example of this in motion;





Doc Trio JPG


Our new certification is more conclusive and accurate for it’s purposes, and features a range of completely new and bespoke security measures, such as new embossing, sealing and stamping to make our printed copies and digital copies recognised around the world.


New Services

In addition to the rebrand and restructure, we’ve introduced a range of new key services. Just some of these include instructor insurance, DBS checks, safeguarding qualifications, discounted martial arts based first aid training, custom clothing printing, license book printing, club certification and licensing and loads more.


The best way to find out more about the new BMABA is to explore our website. We’ve got a wealth of information online to help you get to know us better, and we welcome you the opportunity to join us too.