The BMABA Membership Mark

The BMABA Membership Logo Can Only Be Used By BMABA Registered Clubs & Instructors

If your club has the BMABA logo on their website, on certificates or in print then it’s very likely your instructor(s) and/or the club is registered with our governing body. Registering with us means your instructor(s) have proven they’re genuinely qualified, and take their responsibility to ensure they remain suitably vetted to teach very seriously.

When you train with a BMABA registered club, you can do so in the knowledge that we’re on hand to assist you should you find the service or quality of instruction is not up to the highest of standards. You can check our national database for any registered member or club. If you can’t find them on our records, you should contact our office to report a possible case of fraud.

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Does The BMABA Own Registered Clubs?

The BMABA has absolutely no ownership over any registered clubs, nor any ownership over clubs using our logo. All of our clubs are independently owned and operated by those who join our organisation as members, so they’re free to run their club how they please. This keeps all of the training available varied and balanced across the United Kingdom.

Does The BMABA Take Responsibility For Their Insurances, DBS Checks And So On?

We do everything we can to ensure our members have everything in place that is required – including vetting of all applications for proof of grade when joining, and creating a license that is only obtainable when evidence is submitted to our office for checking. That said, as we don’t own or operate the clubs it’s important you remember that it is the club’s responsibility to ensure important aspects; such as safeguarding and insurance, have been properly implemented. We have a national database you can search for free to see if we’ve been provided with evidence to demonstrate a range of criteria – just use the button above.

Why Join A BMABA Affiliated Club?

Any club genuinely registered with our association will have had to provide proof of grade before joining, demonstrating that they meet our stringent instructor eligibility criteria. This means they are much more likely to be competent, professional and genuinely experienced.

When registered with us we help our members take care of a range of important matters – such as DBS checks, first aid training, insurance, safeguarding and more. It costs money to join our organisation and so if your instructor or club is registered they’ve invested alot of time, energy and money into gaining our industry leading membership status.

How Do I Join The BMABA Club Showing This Logo?

You should speak with the club directly, or contact the instructor, to arrange a lesson.