Martial Arts offers your child the opportunity to grow their confidence, stay in shape, learn self defence and improve their self defence skills whilst participating in an ever-growing sport.

There are more than 250 disciplines and styles to try, all with their own unique way of doing things. With a heritage stretching back thousands of years martial arts offers one of the oldest and most respected methods of training available anywhere in the United Kingdom.



Key Articles For Parents With Children Practicing Martial Arts

Checks Every Club Teaching Children Should Have

Finding A Good Club

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Is It Safe For My Child?


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If you’ve signed your child up to a club that’s affiliated to our organisation and if that club has registered them as a student member with us, you can access exclusive tools and services to help you understand what martial arts involves, and to help your child succeed. It’s completely free, too!

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We’re campaigning to make martial arts safer.

It might surprise you to learn that there is no singular governing body in the United Kingdom for martial arts. That means no singular standard for instructors, no set guidelines for clubs to follow and no requirement for coaches to undergo any specific training.

We don’t think that’s right.

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