This certification is available to all premium members of our association.


  • BMABA Instructor Verification System
  • BMABA Instructor Verification

We really know how important it is to have the
right certification & licensing in our industry.

As an Association we are proud to offer internationally recognised & respected martial arts instructor certification, licensing & membership for every member of our Association – all included within the membership fee.

BMABA Instructor Licensing

Our certification is accepted by leading insurance providers in the UK and by Associations, Governing Bodies, Leisure Centres & Businesses up and down the country & abroad.

To our knowledge, we’ve never had a member’s certification turned down or refused by any insurer or organisation  – a testimony to it’s quality and design.

We recognise that in our modern industry a single piece of certification doesn’t necessarily cut it, which is why we offer 3 pieces of certification with all premium memberships to ensure you get what you need without paying extra.

Break away from the cheap & nasty, ‘home-made’ certificates dished up by some Associations and join us today for the recognition you deserve.

BMABA Instructor Licensing Documents

Some Of The UK’s Leading Martial Arts Instructor Licensing Options

Association Membership CertificateAssociation Membership Certificate

This shows you are attached to a UK association and is often a pre-requirement of many insurance companies and organisations.

Our association is an exclusive & well respected association for martial arts instructors, coaches and senseis. Certifiable proof of membership shows your membership to an organisation dedicated towards upholding strict standards of professionalism within martial arts.

This certificate is included with all membership options, include free membership.

The Association membership certificate doesn’t state which style(s) you’re licensed to instruct but does clearly show that you’re a member of a professional, industry related body (our Association). This is not a license to instruct.



Instructor CertificateInstructor’s Certificate

This certificate lists the style(s) you’re competently graded to instruct as they’re recognised by our association.

It’s considered to be a very useful certificate for showing due diligence and required grades, especially for disciplines that don’t have a formal grading sequence, such as Boxing, Self Defence or Mixed Martial Arts where your entry criteria, such as time spent in training, equivalent grades and other testimonials can all contribute towards an entitlement to  teach.

This certification is considered more of an award than a license and can be kept to show teaching entitlement in your listed disciplines & styles. It demonstrates you hold the minimum level of qualification (NVQ, Black Belt or equivalent) to teach any variety of documentable styles and disciplines. This is not a license to instruct.

Instructor's LicenseInstructor’s License

Our instructor’s license demonstrates you’ve met the association’s eligibility criteria, including minimum grades, to such a level as to warrant the association’s blessing to freely instruct your listed styles.

It’s considered a prerequisite of many venues and businesses that you be able to clearly show you are licensed & registered to teach prior to booking facilities, space or services – this license show exactly that.

Based upon a combination of minimum grades, instructor insurance, completion of our instructor level 1 internal assessment and a range of other professional criteria, the instructor’s license is considered to be one of the industry’s leading mechanisms for demonstrating a genuine right to teach martial arts or combat sports.


We Can Also Offer Martial Arts Club Licensing For Sole Instructors & Multi-Instructor Dojos

Checkable, Recognised & Professional

For a very long time some Associations seem to have been issuing certification that looks like it’s been knocked up in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Paint at the kitchen table.

That doesn’t instil trust when it’s viewed by students, venues or authorities.
That’s why we’re proud to offer what’s being hailed by some as the industries highest quality & most professional certification & licensing available anywhere in the UK today – and it’s included at no extra cost along with our membership, too!

BMABA Verification

BMABA Instructor Verification

  • Photographic Membership
    ID Cards Available

    As Well As Custom ID Card Printing Services

  • We know how important making the right impression can be. That’s why we’re proud to offer customisable and professional photographic membership ID cards for all of our instructors as a completely optional extra.

    Superb quality, professionally printed & available with a range of accessories, our photographic membership ID cards will really help you make the right impression. We can also offer custom ID card printing for your club, business or brand.

  • Professionally Printed Martial Arts Certification Readily Available In-House

    We’re very proud to offer our own in-house professional certification printing service, which allows us to produce professional quality documentation ourself.

    This means we can offer printing services at greatly reduced costs and, rather than buying in bulk from a supplier & manually writing over the top, we’re in full control of the quality of each document issued by our organisation.

    Premium, minimum 220gsm woven gloss material with our office stamp, embossed mark and seal add to the professional print quality on offer.

    Make sure your certification looks the part and does its part.

  • Laptop-Verify-1Try our verification system out to see how it works from the perspective a potential student or insurer. Try looking for John Bloggs. Click Here To Give It A Try

  • Freely Checkable 24/7, 365 Days A Year Against A Professional, International Database

    Unfortunately our industry seems to be full of imposters and for that reason some certification isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on – after all, how can an insurer, association or student be sure it’s genuine?

    That’s why we link all of our certification & licenses to a national & international database that can be checked by anyone in the world at absolutely no cost.

    The unique certificate number is linked back to your file & the certification issued so if it’s genuine your potential student or enquirer will be more than satisfied when we manually confirm it’s authenticity.

  • Focused On Security
    & Forge-Proofing

    We take the attempted forgery and imitation of our certification / licensing very seriously and that’s why we do everything within our power to ensure all of our certification is truly forge proof.

    We understand that if it’s not – if it can be copied or faked easily – then the entire reputation and integrity of our respected and internationally recognised certification and licensing is completely floored.

    What surprises us is how slow some of the other Association’s are being to take measures to ensure their certification can’t be copied. Rest assured, we do everything possible – on both our physical certification and our digital certification – to make copying or unauthorised edits completely impossible. This includes custom embossing stamps, foils, holographic designs, anti-forge inked stamps and more.

  • Dedicated Club Licensing Also Available

    Whether you’re a sole instructor or have a team of coaches, club licensing is a great way to ensure your club is independently licensed and to show your students and customers you’re serious about quality.

    We have a range of club licensing options available to cater from single instructor classes through to full time franchising clubs.

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