• We’ve worked hard over the years to provide simple, effective and affordable martial arts event insurance at the best possible prices and we’re now poised as one of the most trusted providers in the UK offering comprehensive cover at an excellent price.

    Our cover includes martial arts events insurance, cover for kick boxing & muay thai tournaments and general martial arts tournaments along with specialised cover (and multi-day cover) for seminars, short courses, self defence short courses, workshops and related martial arts events.

    We’re also one of the UK’s only providers of specialised prize-fight & full contact cage fighting events insurance.

  • All cover is provided by our specialist broker and underwritten by a trusted insurer. The cover is formed by an endorsement on a per-event basis to our association’s group cover policy. Once your event insurance is arranged you’ll receive a certificate of insurance from the insurer and an internal BMABA certificate of insurance confirmation.

    We’re serious about enabling martial arts clubs and instructors act professionally. A big slipping point is seminars, workshops and tournaments where many skip the ‘expensive’ events cover as they feel their instructor insurance alone covers them. This is rarely the case.

  • Our martial arts events insurance is designed to protect the main public liability concerns of any martial arts tournament or seminar, helping you cover your exposure and protect your event.

    The insurance is provided via our association group cover policy. For this reason, it’s more affordable than direct events insurance as we’re already footing a large proportion of the bill. As a BMABA member you simply pay the additional stated fees and cover is arranged, with you as the named third party.

    From 1 day tournaments with a few hundred visitors through to multi-day seminars with thousands of participants – our martial arts events and tournament insurance can cover your club at a fair price.

BMABA Martial Arts Events Cover FAQ’s

  • What will the events cover protect me against?

    Our tailor made events cover is designed to protect you against your main areas of liability during events, namely;

    • Public Liability Cover

    As every endorsement is completely unique and ‘made to measure’, we can also provide a range of additional cover for things like equipment or professional fighters. By default, cover is not included for competitors. 

    How do I buy events cover?

    You need to be a member of our Association to purchase events cover. You can join us securely online. Click here to join us now.

    Before joining, if you’re looking to host any particularly ‘high risk’ events, such as Mixed Martial Arts or contact competitions, please contact us first to be sure you’ll qualify.

    Who offers the insurance & what are the terms?

    Events cover is as an extension of our Association group cover policy issued by our specialist insurer and underwritten by WR Berkley.

    When a member requires an event we can issue the event cover as our Association and we ask you to cover the additional costs which warrants events cover.

    We don’t provide any form of insurance and are not an insurance company ourselves. We don’t disclose any more information about the policy here as we don’t wish to confuse or mislead anybody. If you’re going to be joining us purely for our events cover please check before hand to make sure it’s what you’re looking for – we wouldn’t want anybody to be disappointed!

  • Understanding What Is & Isn’t Allowed

    It’s really important to us that you’re completely clear what is and wasn’t covered. Too often clubs and instructors – particularly amateur clubs, will host events, shows or fights that simply aren’t insured.

    Being irresponsible is one matter – believing you’re covered when you’re not is perhaps even more dangers. We want to be clear on what is and isn’t covered. The best way to be sure is to check with and we will confirm directly with the insurer.

    Don’t leave it up to chance – take a moment to double check the event you want to host falls within the policy parameters.

    Although alot of sources on the net, particularly other associations without access to fight cover, claim that it’s not legal or not possible to achieve, we’re working with a specialist broker and insurer whom understand the risks involved and our ability to properly mitigate them.

    Arrange cover for cage fights or prize-fight events is not a straight forward transaction. There are protocols and procedures you’ll need to meet, including a range of medical arrangements and other professional considerations. It’s not designed to cover amateur clubs who don’t host professional fights – it’s designed for professional promoters who stage professional events.


You are expected to perform your professional duties as an event organiser in order to benefit from our event cover policy. This includes a full risk assessment & other related safety policies (which you should be conducting anyhow). We can assist you with this when you’re ready to prepare for your event.


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