Fernando Mahamud

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31st October 2017

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    Fernando Mahamud

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Instructor’s Certificate
| Expiry: 31/10/2017 |

Association Membership Certificate
| Expiry: 31/10/2017 |

Our association attracts professional instructors and all members of the BMABA who have registered as an instructor have to provide full proof of grade during the application process.  

Members are not obliged to provide all relevant professional documentation or status (as per below) and a cross does not necessarily mean the instructor does not hold a set qualification, check or status – simply that it has not been gained through our organisation and has not been provided to us as evidence.

Missing qualifications or checks below may mean the instructor is not yet teaching or has not yet provided documentation to us. If you have any concerns about the suitability of a BMABA instructor or if an instructor is teaching when they should not be please report them to us.

It is very important to remember that whilst we take every step to try and ensure the suitability and vetting of each instructor we issue documentation to, as we are not a compulsory body or government regulatory body we are limited in our ability to do so. Please ensure you check each instructor is suitably qualified, vetted and checked before joining their class or entrusting them with your child.

Accordingly, the below is for indicative purposes only and must not be considered to necessarily be truly accurate or up to date.




Validity Period:

31/10/2016 – 31/10/2017

Registered With:

British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA)

BMABA Instructor Certified 


Validity Period:

31/10/2016 – 31/10/2017

Listed Disciplines

Goju Ryu & Karate Jutsu


None Recorded.

BMABA Instructor’s
License Held

Validity Period:

02/08/2017 – 31/10/2017

License Number:


Listed Disciplines

Goju Ryu & Karate Jutsu

DBS Check 


Non Required (Self Certified)

This instructor has declared that he/she does not require a DBS check to be conducted and that their position does not require such. They are declaring themselves as working / instructing adults (who are not at risk) aged 18 years of age and above only.

First Aid 

First Aid Provider:


Course Type:

Martial Arts First Aid

Date Of Issue:


Date Of Expiry:


Instructor Insurance 



Validity Period:

24/07/2017 – 23/07/2018

Public Liability:


Professional Indemnity:


Disciplines Endorsed:


Weapons Endorsed:


Conditions Or Notes:

Nothing To Add.

Safeguarding Certified 

No Safeguarding Qualification Verified

Depending on the type of person(s) this instructor works with, a Safeguarding Qualification(s) may not be required. It doesn’t look like we’ve been able to confirm if this is or is not required for this instructor.

Club Certification 

No Club Licensing In Place 

BMABA Level 1 Instructor Award Certified 


BMABA Grading Integrity Scheme Registered 


BMABA Continued Professional Development (CPD) Enrolled 


The legal responsibility to ensure this instructor, coach, sensei, club or other individual / entity acts in accordance with law, safeguarding standards and other compulsory requirements rest firmly upon the above listed individual or entity. Whilst our association will do all possible to ensure relevant qualifications, checks or policy is in place, we have no ultimate authority over the above and act in a voluntary position only. It is this instructors responsibility, or the responsibility of the club, to ensure every person teaching is legally and professionally entitled to do so, and has been checked, vetted and assessed to the proper standards and levels required.