Did you know that there are more than 250 different types of martial arts, all with their own unique techniques, history and traditions?

Don’t worry – not many people do.



e think the vast benefits martial arts can bring to people from all backgrounds and all walks of life are absolutely vast – and still greatly misunderstood.

This is largely due, we believe, to some of the associations that have presided over martial arts for the last half a century. It’s always been very exclusive and not at all open and transparent. Compound that with a great lack of internal development and funding, plus a large of cliches surrounding martial arts whenever it is broadcast to the ‘outside world’ and we’re up to speed in the present day.

In reality martial arts have been in existence for many hundreds – even thousands of years. There’s likely a number of different martial arts clubs in your local area now, all practising different techniques and styles in different ways.

As an association, we’ve been working hard to increase the visibility of good, safe, professional martial arts training and help more people get onto the mats and see the difference it can make to your life.

The truth is martial arts can offer a variety of fantastic benefits for everyone. You don’t need to be fit – and regardless of your gender, background, income, religious beliefs, race or anything else – the benefits of martial arts are vast. Just some of the many gains to practising martial arts can be;

  • Greatly improved levels of self defence and personal protection
  • Improvement in fitness levels and health
  • General health improvements and a healthier lifestyle
  • The chance to meet new people from across the community
  • The opportunity for communities to connect and build unity
  • A great opportunity to enjoy a technical sport with endless opportunities for development
  • A chance to have lots of fun, and learn something new
  • Improved self confidence
  • Improved self defence and mental awareness
  • Plus lots more

How Do We Promote Participation?

Promoting Participation At Grass Roots Levels

We think the best way to get more people into martial arts is to – (you guessed it) – get more people onto the mats and giving it a try for the first time. We know the many benefits martial arts can bring, and also understand the many myths and misconceptions that make starting a little daunting or not so attractive.

We work with students and potential students to help them find a safe, local club that can help them unlock their potential and try martial arts for free today.

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Working With And Representing Instructors

We’ve been working closely with instructors and clubs since 2012, helping in a range of key areas with our association membership. This includes providing insurance, DBS checks, first aid training and more, alongside a wealth of additional resources like club websites, guidance, policy, equipment, certificates and more.

We know that the easier and more affordable it is to teach safe, enjoyable classes the more people will come into the dojo and stay in the dojo.

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Building A Community From Bottom To Top Online

We know that the best way to keep something growing strong is to make it the centre point of the community whom share it. There are tens of thousands of martial artists across the UK and further afield, yet there is no universally accepted, safe, monitored place online to come together and share what we all love and have in common.

We aim to change that by building a united and completely free online community for the world to enjoy.

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From traditional to modern, physical to fluid – there’s hundreds of different types of martial arts out there to try that will make you fitter, more confident and better equipped to defend yourself. You’ll have fun learning, too.

Cast aside the cliches and stereotypes about martial arts that you’ve picked up from Hollywood and the media. There are more than 180 different types of martial arts to try in the UK and they all have their own unique, differing ways of helping you get fit, have fun and meet new people.

Whether it’s for sport or fitness, self defence or fun – from throwing and grappling, or kicking and punching – there is a martial art for everybody. With the BMABA, you can find a safe, certified and vetted instructors who will be happy to welcome you in and try a class for free, too.

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Find local clubs, meet martial artists from all parts of the community, find online tutorials and guides, explore equipment and clothing, get advice and guidance from experts and more. All for free, forever.

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Self funded, and completely focused on those we serve.

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