(A317) Instructor Requirement To Check Statement Of Facts

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(A317) Requirement To Check Statement Of Facts



Whenever an instructor insurance allocation is made for membership with insurance, the association shall assign available cover to the named member in line with their requirements, as purchased during registration, renewal or mid-term.

Upon completion of such order, the association shall provide the instructor or club with a statement of fact which shall act to define the particulars and material facts under which the allocation of insurance cover has been made.


Duty To Check

The instructor whom has been allocated cover has a duty of care to check the statement of facts in a timely fashion, to ensure it is;

  • Accurate in detail
  • Fit for purpose
  • Understood in full
  • As expected and in keeping with requirement

The instructor must notify the office without delay should they find, or should believe to have found any errors, omissions or particulars that are not in keeping with their requirements.

Association’s Obligations To Respond

The association acknowledges a duty of care to respond to any queries or notifications from members whom have checked their statement of fact and subsequently raise a query.

The association shall ensure the statement of fact document is available as soon as possible after any instruction to incept membership with insurance, renew membership with insurance or assign insurance to membership mid-term.

Additional Comments & Notes

The association wishes to distinguish the fact that it is not the insurer, and does not incept, manage or facilitate the insurance directly. This is done via a group cover policy which is managed and run by an FCA approved broker and insurer. Insurance to the association can, at request, be inclusive of insurance provision from the group cover policy, of which the association is the policy holder. If this isn’t completely clear or doesn’t make sense, the instructor should speak with our staff to clarify.


First Published: 02/05/2015

Last Updated: 06/12/2018