B839 – Student Charter

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B839 – Student Charter




The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) is proud to represent thousands of members from across the United Kingdom. In order to continue being able to properly govern such a broad range of persons it is necessary that all students (or appropriate adults, in the instance of any student under 18 years of age) follow the association’s student charter.

This is considered a compulsory requirement entered into tacitly when registering with a BMABA registered club or instructor.

It is designed to promote a safe and equal environment through which the association can exercise the correct policy to ensure everyone has the opportunities to enjoy safe, fun martial arts training.



All student members, or in the instance where a student is aged below the age of informed consent (18 years of age), the applicable parent or guardian, must at all times do all possible to ensure the safety of the student and fellow members.

All persons must act with compassion for each and every individual they train alongside. Students (or appropriate adults) must agree to exercise the discipline and composure bestowed to them whilst receiving teachings that have spanned generations.

Students (or appropriate adults) must agree to follow club rules, association student guidelines and must promise to uphold the integrity and good name of the association, instructor and discipline. The student (or appropriate adult) must also agree to use what is taught only in the defence of themselves or loved ones in the face of imminent danger where all other means of peaceful resolution have failed.



LAST UPDATED: 19/12/2017